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Network Administration

Installation, configuration and/or administration of commercial office networks. Specializing in low-cost, low-fee Linux-based systems, Microsoft servers and systems. Cabling, router configuration, server repair and troubleshooting. Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Alternative technologies, custom scripting and programming.

Network Operating Systems

  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • AIX Unix

Network Applications

  • File Servers
  • Backup Servers
  • Custom Application Servers
  • eMail Servers (Exchange, Zimbra, etc.)
  • Shared Calendars (Exchange alternatives)

Technical Services

  • Network Design
  • Computer hardware repair
  • Desktop support
  • Custom Cabling
  • Hardware and software routers
  • Routers / Repeaters / Switches
  • Security / surveillance systems
  • Biometric time clocks

Professional Editing

Writing and editing services for education and commercial applications. Reports, proposals, newsletters, technical documentation, website review and editing.

Content Authoring

  • Technical / Instructional Manuals
  • Employee Guides and Manuals
  • Technical documentation
  • Ghost writing
  • Website review and re-write

Editing Services

  • Unpublished manuscripts
  • Business reports or proposals
  • Newsletters / journalism
  • Real Estate / Advertising copy

Publishing Services

Professional publishing services for authors, corporations, editors.

Book Publishing

  • Memoires
  • Corporate Reports
  • Bound graduate theses
  • Manuscripts and screenplays

Book Publishing Services

  • ISBN
  • Cover design
  • Layout and proofing

Electronic Publishing

  • eBook creation
  • Integration with website
  • eBook purchasing systems
  • Payment gateway integration (Paypal, etc.)
  • eBook download w/ payment verification

Web Programming and Design

Design, programming and/or administration of commercial websites. Specializing in low-cost, low-fee Linux-based systems. Comes with Email router configuration, server repair and troubleshooting. Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Alternative technologies, custom scripting and programming.

Websites and Grahical Design

  • Business-card or Full web sites
  • logo / jingle / slogan
  • Photography and graphical design
  • Javascript /.gif animations

Web Applications

  • User managable content (CMS)
  • Shopping carts
  • Online stores / payment processing
  • Sales and Real Estate

Custom Programming and Application Development

Programming services for custom utilities, custom parental control utilities, application development. Custom login systems, one-off automated procedures, backup systems.

Application Programming

  • Workflow systems
  • Process control
  • Custom backup systems
  • Installation programs
  • Custom utilities
  • Child / staff activity monitoring
  • Custom TSR (terminate-stay-resident)

Custom scripting

  • Login scripts
  • Time-triggered event scripting
  • Detect online/offline and do ...
  • Email autoresponding
  • Email integration and scripting

Professional Rates and Services

Our bread and butter services are contract network administation and website design, development and programming. We make our living supporting Microsoft stuff, but there are several other alternatives – even for the ubiquitous but costly Exchange Server. Ask for a consultation and see how we can save you money. Some services pay for themselves.

Professional Services

  • Contract network administration
  • Website design and development
  • Writing and editing services
  • Publication services
  • Custom programming
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Our downloadable products

Some of our software is available for download. Most were written for our own use, and are now offered to Whosoever Wills... In this litigious age, we regret that we must disclaim our own software, but that is reality. Therefore: All software on this site is offered without warranty or guarantee of any kind, including fitness for any purpose, whatsoever. Use at your own risk, just as we do.

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